Tuesday, September 29, 2009

>starting over again... <

well, it's been a long time ago or rather a month since i haven't posted a blog.. It's just that I'm too busy dealing on some important matters that really have to attend to, probably it was more related to my son and to my hubby. In short, doing my responsibilities as a plain housewife and a full time mother too. anyway, things are going well, and i guess i can make it now. In fact, I'll post a blog starting today... i won't promise but I'll try my best to do so...

welcome again into my world...

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

♥missing 1/4 of my Life♥

it's been a weeks and a month since i haven't visited nor blogging on this account. why? because im too busy moving out into our new home sweet home and busy dealing with some matters that needs to attend to. I got spare time sometimes but i cannot force my body and mind to sit on my couch and browse on the net because of my everyday routines that makes me feel so tired and wasted. Anyway, i have nothing to regrets of, it's just that sometimes i miss my computer and the things that links on it.

haha... petty things, but somehow wanna share it with you; "the feelings of wanting but you can't do anything about it".. :)

Monday, May 4, 2009

♥First Day in SchooL♥

After commemorating the Lenten season and celebrating the reborn of our almighty God, I enrolled my son (Geoffe) to a summer class, for him to be able to get prepared for the coming school year on June. At first I was hesitant and a little thought comes into my mind that he may not yet ready to face a new step of his life or should I say the first step of entering into a social life. Well, I was wrong. I get shocked, because he was not that typical shy, and not shallow to everyone. He became he’s own and never hard to please him to participate to the activities and listen to his teacher. He expresses himself in his own little way. He maybe hyper active but he knows how to carry himself. It was really good exposing your child in an early age into different people and different places. And now I can say that He’s ready now in entering into a new world and new routine of his life. It was really a good feeling having a child and was worth keeping for, because it was really priceless and can never be replaceable.

♥moving into a new HOME SWEET HOME♥

These past few months I haven’t got a chance to visit nor write in my blog, because I was super duper busy in moving out into our new home. A new home and new ambiance ahead, we are located at the 4th floor and on the 5th were my in-laws. It was perfectly true that it was really hard transferring place into new place; you need to packed everything and re-arrange it again. I accomplished everything within the week through the help of my sister in law, cousins, and my tita. Without them I don’t know how I will accomplish such things. And now everything’s are all set up and getting well. How I wish it will bring good luck for us, good vibes, and a good life. Well…… WELCOME INTO A NEW HOME!

Friday, March 27, 2009


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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

bangkok teez...


until MARCH 31, 2009 onLy..

Sunday, March 15, 2009



more uploads soon...